SiteCover was created from mixed experience of the two founders; Jacob and Claus.

Claus comes from the industry of scene-construction, and with his experience in engineering high-scalable steel contructions for stage usage, he has created SiteCover together with Jacob. 

Jacob has many years of experience as a construction advisor, and knows the possible issues that exists, first hand. Knowing the potential in the industry, he combined his knowledge with Claus' and formed SiteCover.

With the idea of having a modular covering solution for the entire building site, and a huge scalability by combining steel construction principles from the stage-building industry, SiteCover came to life, with the vision of innovation for the construction industry, and created a new tool to bring control and to provide fair-weather.


Value creation

Regardless of what type of business you are dealing with, it is our strongest belief that creating more than just economical value is important: at Sitecover, we believe that it is important to deliver both generic and economical value to anyone that comes across our product. Whether it being a random stranger passing, or the contractor, engineer og suppliers to the building site.

SiteCover is created with these values in mind, and we will continue to work with this as the core for our business goals.

Giving control

We believe that many issues can be solved with a combination of experience and control. Sitecover is all about enabling everyone who works underneth- and with it, to have more control.

Everybody has their own way of handling ad-hoc issues and solving problems, but having more control in any situation, would provide more options, which can lead to even better solutions - faster. 

Control is imperative at a construction site, and reaching the break-even point of enough control makes planning a breeze.

Ensure safety

Safety is more than just keeping people safe, it is, however, one of our prime values. We extend safety to a combination between control and safety. Having more control, reduces risk of accidents.

With SiteCover you can achieve a new level of safety, with our combination of security, safety precautions and control.