Not only a tough worker, but also a pretty face

When stage- and light designers from UK by coincidence looked over the shoulder of SiteCovers designing team, during the later stages of product-development, they were excited about what they saw. The structures ability to carry weight and the all-over design, inspired them to reconfigure the constructionsite cover into a concert stage.

The result was that SiteCover travelled straight from the test-assembly site in Stettin, Poland to Wembley Stadium in London, to supply, not only fair weather, but also a proper frame for Ed Sheerans one-man show at the mighty stadium.

SiteCover moves on

After 3 magical nights at Wembley, the structure was disassembled and moved to Dublin, and the process was repeated. SiteCover stood tall at Croke Park for 2 nights with 80.000 fans, intriguing music and beautiful scenery. 

Ed Sheeran - I see fire - Wembley

Ed Sheeran - Thinking out loud - Croke Park

SiteCover at Wembley

SiteCover at Croke Park