Danish Technical University

Technical University of Denmark, building 205A.
A new 6-story building for high-class laboratory for veterinary research. SiteCover supplies shelter for bad weather, and adds security to the time schedule.

The fact that we cover the building site throughout the entire construction period and work under dry and closed conditions allows us to test how we can plan our construction in the future. We would like to look at how we can use organic building materials earlier in the building process. We look forward to a very exciting construction process, where we can get a lot of knowledge about how we work with the construction processes at DTU in the future
Claus Møller Rasmussen, Client, Head of Construction, DTU

The new B205A laboratory building contains a lot of special processes, such as membrane solutions and concrete casting processes, and requires a specially controlled building environment. The construction is ideal for the use of a SiteCover solution.
Claus Møller Rasmussen, Client, Head of Construction, DTU