Novo Nordisk Auditorium

In order to keep up with the set time schedule, covering up the construction site was needed. Being cheaper and more than twice as fast to install than traditional solutions, SiteCover was the obvious choice

SiteCover applied

In september 2015, shortly after the assembly of SiteCover in Målev, a typical Danish late-summer thunderstorm passed over the northwestern parts of Copenhagen, releasing 20 mm of rain over a short period of time. On this single occasion the 1200m2 SiteCover structure gathered more than 24m3 of water, that was led by the legs to the ground. 24 tons of water that would have ended up on the unfinished roof of the construction underneath, had it not been for SiteCover.

The cranes

The auditorium-building covered by SiteCover is a 2 story building, partly build into the ground. The terrain around the structure is leaning, which gives a difference in height of about 5 meters between SiteCovers supporting columns.
When the overhead crane is not in use, the site-management rents it out to sub-contractors. With the main construction finished, it is mainly used to move material around on site, and to unload material delivered by lorries. The lorries have direct access under SiteCover.

Using SiteCover means that we are independent of the weather. We save money on expenses like drying out, and we have been able to start the interior work before the skylights on the roof has been completed
Thor Christensen, Site Manager, Rambol

One of SiteCovers advantages is the short assemble time. Compared to traditional scaffolding SiteCover only spend 1/3 of the time to assemble the structure.